HAJOCA Corporation

In 1858, one enterprising individual invested his life savings of $200 to start a business grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia. More than 150 continuous years of service later, that business is known as Hajoca Corporation. Hajoca has a robust history of helping to shape advances in plumbing. But we attribute our success to two simple truths – a unique business philosophy and talented people.

If we seem big, please take a closer look. Our roots run very deep.

Hajoca blends the clout of a large company with the opportunity of a small one. We understand that tastes and styles are different from place to place, so a “one size fits all” approach does not work. Our businesses have the freedom to operate like any local company and our managers conduct themselves with the focus and passion of business owners, right down to the products they carry and the people they hire.
Entrepreneurs welcome…and sought.

Good customer service means quality of work; exceptional customer service means quality of people. Members of our team are enthusiastic, driven to excel and singly steadfast in their commitment to service, integrity and reliability. They’re also your neighbors and friends. They understand your unique needs because they’ve lived in your community for years.

What’s in a Name?

There are many theories about how Hajoca got its name…
Is a Hajoca a type of historic plumbing fixture? It’s a great guess, especially considering we’ve been around since 1858. But that’s not it.

Is Hajoca named after the town where it was established? That’s not it either. Hajoca was founded in Philadelphia, PA and we are still headquartered right outside of the city today.

Was there a Mr. Hajoca? Well not quite, but you’re onto something now!

Our name is derived from the last names of three visionaries who saw a demand for indoor plumbing (a relatively new concept in the 19th century) and vowed to make it easily available:


William H. Haines                    Thomas J. Jones                    Joel Cadbury

HAJOCA for short

Today, we are the nation’s largest privately held wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating and industrial supplies.

We Are Family

We are a diverse family with a unique blend of cultures, histories and traditions…and we are proud of it! It’s our passion that connects us, and sets us apart. We go the extra mile, every time, to deliver unparalleled service, unwavering integrity and unfailing reliability.